30-Day Push Up Challenge

30-Day Push Up Challenge

The 30-Day Push Up Challenge

We live in a world and age where most men and women are trying to lose weight and transform their bodies into beautiful products of a natural and healthy lifestyle. Advanced gym goers and people who have already reached an exercise plateau can now continue to lose weight and tone up their bodies using the 30-Day Push Up Challenge. This powerful exercise regimen was developed by some of the best and most famous body trainers in the world.

What is the 30-Day Push Up Challenge?

This program helps you continue to push your way up to toned triceps and biceps, amazing 6 pack abs and sculpted abdomen and deltoids. The whole trick is to start with a few push ups for the first couple of days and then gradually increase the number of pushups and their difficulty. With this program, you will discover the huge benefits of pushing your body to its limits without experiencing any injury whatsoever. For beginners, this course works wonders, allowing them to reap the benefits of push ups.

Does the Push Up Challenge Really Work?

Can you really get fit in just 30 days? Believe it or not, yes you can. With the right exercise principles and of course persistence, you can get fit no matter what level of fitness or what part of your body you want to target. The “30-Day Push Up Challenge” gives us just the right example. With this one-month exercise challenge, all you need to do is push up regularly within one month or a full 30 days. But how does it work?

At the start, you will be making 6 push up repetitions daily but by the 30th day you will be pushing up a total number of 50 per day. Sounds impossible?Of course not.  If you’re just starting out with exercise, yes it will be a great, or for some even an impossible feat to push-up 50 times, but with this challenge, your body is being conditioned to perform more push-ups on a gradual basis. In fact this is what makes this workout plan ideal for anyone – for beginners and fitness buffs alike.

How to do a Plank Push Up

Top Benefits of Pushups

Because this challenge is all about push ups, I want to highlight the most important benefits of these strength building exercises.

  • Exercise anytime, anywhere: this is probably one of the biggest advantages of pushups. You can practically practice any time during the day, in any location you prefer. Many people prefer to do push ups in the comfort of their homes, while listening to their favorite track or artist.
  •  A wide variety of variations: there are a lot of variations of push ups you can do in order to make your workout more challenging. Some of the most famous are hindu push ups, decline push ups and handstand push ups. All these push ups provide benefits for different parts of your body, such as shoulders, triceps, fingers, forearms, abs, upper back, lower back, quads, glutes, hamstrings and feet.
  • Develop additional strength in the upper body area: most people, especially men and women who exercise every once in a while and are not going to gym, might find push ups extremely beneficial, as they help them develop the required strength in the upper body area.
  •  Tone the butt: this benefit is amazing for women, especially for those who want to have a perfect body. Women can also use push ups to tone up their body, including triceps, deltoids and chest.
  •  Stimulate metabolism: push ups stimulate blood circulation and metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories while being full of life all throughout the day.
  •  Increase testosterone levels: this is a huge benefit for married men. According to several studies, men who do push ups on a regular basis are better in bed and enjoy an improved sexual life.
  •  Not expensive at all: you can do push ups without investing in expensive equipment or going to gym. This can lead to huge savings in the long run.

Are You Up For It?

As for advanced gym goers, the 30-Day Push Up Challenge is a great workout regimen for those who have already reached the “exercise plateau” stage of their training. The exercise plateau happens when a person has already reached a certain peak of fitness wherein his/her body can no longer respond or can no longer be enhanced by regular exercise routine. The body has already “gotten used to” the exercise, so to speak, so it’s almost impossible now to make any more improvements.

With the 30-Day Push Up Challenge though, the person’s body is allowed to be pushed to its limits (without any risks to injury). For instance, if you are already typically making about 50 push ups per day, by the end of the program, you would almost be tripling this number ending up with a fitter body you wouldn’t have imagined.

The 30-Day Push Up Challenge for Beginners

With this program, you can increase the figures by two times, three times, or even more depending on your fitness level (for beginners, you can decrease the numbers) but as a rule of thumb for (beginners only), you should allot every 4th day for rest days – days to recuperate or to rest your body without doing any other form of exercise. To have an idea, above is a sample chart to use as guide!

The rest days are necessary to allow your muscles to recover and prepare for the next day’s challenge so initially then, you will be following the laws of repetition, intensification, and recuperation for maximal exercise benefits.

Protein Shakes for a Perfect Body

The 30-Day Push Up Challenge goes hand in hand with a good diet. Two of the most important parts of your diet when doing push ups are protein shakes and nutritional supplements. A good supplement combined with natural shakes and push ups can work wonders for your body, making it look astounding in just a short span of time. Click Here for some of the best protein shakes recipes to support you Challenge!

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So, are you up for a Challenge?

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