30-Day Pull Up Challenge for Men & Women

The 30-Day Pull Up Challenge for Women

The 30-Day Pull Up Challenge for Men and Women

Pull ups when performed correctly produce tremendous benefits on the muscles involved. Since they are largely dependent on body weight, they provide the advantage of not requiring any specialized equipment or machines to pull off. Make no mistake though, the pull up exercise is one of the most difficult body weight exercises to practice and many guys usually refrain from doing it with understandably good reason. The difficulty of this exercise on the other hand presents the great potential that it has in improving your fitness in a large number of ways for as the old adage goes: “No pain, no gain.”

Assisted Pull Up Machine Workout

Target Muscles that are Worked out During a Proper Pull Up

Primary Targets

1. Latissimus Dorsi

This muscle group is the greatest beneficiary of the pull up exercise. The latissimus dorsi (lats) are located at the top and outside of each shoulder and run down the back. As you pull yourself up and contract your arms, in the motion of the pull up, the lats are primarily responsible for facilitating this motion. They are thus without a doubt, the muscle group that gains the most from this workout. On the other hand, you could inflict serious damage to this muscle set if you perform the pull up awkwardly or incorrectly.

2. The Rhomboids

The rhomboid muscles or simply, rhomboids in short, are located adjacent to the latissimuss dorsi (lats) muscle group. They usually receive a neat workout when you engage in a pull up workout and this is due to the fact that they support lats. Quite a number of guys ignore the fact that, back muscles which are in direct opposition to the stomach muscles, also play a crucial role in the maintenance of even strength balance throughout the torso (upper body).

Strengthening your back is a vital part of enhancing your front and core.

Secondary Targets

3. Arm Muscles: Fore arms, Biceps and Triceps.

The muscles of the arm are also worked out by extension when you perform the pull up. Your biceps, triceps and forearms are all required to engage each other in order to bend the arms at the elbow and thus create the lifting motion that constitutes the pull up.

4. Pull ups are also an Excellent Cardiovascular Workout.

Performing pull ups is of course very likely to increase your heart rate. For cardiovascular exercise to be efficient and beneficial to the body, it has to be performed for a period of half an hour or more. As a beginner, you are not of course expected to perform pull ups for a whole 30 minutes. To take care of this, it may be appropriate to perform the pull up exercise as part of a longer rotation or arch of other exercises. If such exercises are performed quickly and without a moment’s rest, they will definitely comprise a highly effective cardiovascular workout that will go a long way in keeping your heart fit and burn fat too.

The 30-Day Pull Up Challenge for Men

The 30-Day Pull Up Challenge for Men

Other Notable Benefits

Pulls ups are an excellent toning workout for your torso (upper body). Melting up pounds of fat or performing complicated workouts may all be for nothing if you do not engage in any form of toning workouts. This is because it is the toning workout that gives the muscles their definition and shape and in turn giving your body the much coveted hot ripped look.

Get Ripped Pull Ups Workout

The 30-Day Pull Up Challenge offers a great away to enhance your stamina and endurance within a relatively short period of time as it applies a lot of pressure on the upper body. You can attach extra weights to your wrists, feet or waist while performing a pull up so as to further enhance your stamina and get the most out of your pull ups.

Pull ups also enhance and strengthen your grip. As you have to support your entire body weight with just the palms of your hands, pull ups dramatically increase your grip strength.

Pulls ups are an excellent fat burner. By decreasing the time between pull up sets or by alternatively incorporating the pull ups within larger super sets of other exercises, you’ll experience fat loss effects in no time.

It may be interesting to note that push ups can be performed in a variety of different ways. These include: close grip overhand pull ups, wide overhand grip pull ups as well as close and wide variations of the reverse grip pull ups (chin ups). Overhand pull ups are great for targeting the back muscles while reverse grip pulls ups have an emphasis particularly on the biceps.

These benefits can only be realized if you are determined to perform pull ups regularly. So, at least make it your business to perform pull ups for not less than 20 minutes daily.

Supplementing Your 30-Day Pull Up Challenge Workout with Protein Shakes

Taking protein shakes is arguably one of the best ways of fast delivering the much needed protein needed for muscle repair after an intensive workout session. While ingesting solid food still remains one of the effective ways of delivering protein into your tissues, it evidently takes a quite a considerable amount of time (3 to 4 hours) for the food to digest, break down the protein and deliver it to the muscular tissues. Protein shakes are assimilated into your muscle tissue for a much shorter time after ingestion (30 min on average). This clearly presents an advantage over food consumption.

Besides it’s not always easy to acquire all the protein needed through solid food. With all the strenuous daily work schedules, some of us barely find time to prepare a decent meal at the very least. This is where the benefits of protein shakes come into play.

For more information about protein shakes as well as some of the amazing recipes that you could use to “amp up” your protein shakes, please do not hesitate to visit the following link: http://www.vitaship.com/blog/protein-shakes/

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