30-Day Core Challenge

Core Challenge

The 30-Day Core Challenge

Are you ready for a challenging workout? We’ve put together the 30-day core challenge workout in order to give you a streamlined workout program that you can follow day by day. The program starts out easy enough, but gets much tougher towards the end; stick with it, though, and you’ll eventually be rewarded with a rock-hard core that will make even battle-hardened prize fighters green with envy.

30-Days, 4 Exercises, 1 Rock-Solid Core

The 30-day core challenge consists of four simple, individual exercises. Three of these exercises are intended to target a specific muscle group that forms part of the core itself, while the fourth exercise is meant to improve overall core endurance and should be done once every rest day.

The core is defined as—for the purposes of this workout program—a group of muscles which consists of the upper abdominals, lower abdominals and side obliques.

To target the upper abdominal muscles, you’ll be doing regular floor crunches. For the lower abdominals, you’ll have to do double-leg raises, which are a slightly tougher variation of regular leg raises wherein you must raise both of your legs simultaneously instead of alternately. To work out the side obliques, this program will have you perform alternating bicycle crunches. You won’t need to do any crunches during rest days, but in order to toughen up your core and improve your overall endurance, you’ll still need to do one set of push-up planks. Push-up planks are a tougher variation of standard planks; to do them, you’ll need to hold a plank from a lowered push-up position.

Plank Pose

A Strong Core for a Healthy Body

Exercise doesn’t only make you look great, but it can also make you feel a lot better too. If you are new to exercising then you might of heard people talking about the core. Improving core health can improve your overall health and make exercising much easier. A balanced core will promote a good posture and reduce back pain.

What is the Core?

The core is a group of muscles which support you and keep you upright. The core group of muscles consists of the side obliques, lowed abdominal and upper abdominal muscles. All of these muscles need to be balanced in order to support your body correctly.

By exercising the core muscles your whole body, and well being can benefit. A strong core will also make it less likely for you to suffer from pain or pulled muscles.

Improving Back Pain

Lower back pain is a very serious condition which is thought to affect around 80% of the adult population. Core exercises aim to balance the muscle pairs so that you have a better posture. Many doctors recommend core training to deal with back pain. If you already suffer from back pain then these gentle core exercises can be used to minimize them. Even if you don’t currently have back pain, the 30-day core challenge can be used as a preventative measure.

Good Posture

Core exercises also help to improve your posture. As well as minimizing back pain, this also makes you look confident and thinner. A weak core can cause you to slouch. A good posture takes good care of your spine and will also make it easier to breathe in. A good posture when exercising and lifting weights is important as it helps you to get the biggest benefits in the shortest time possible.

Tightens the Tummy Muscles

Core exercises in the 30 day core challenge target the muscles around the tummy. This 30 day workout gives them an intensive workout which will cause the muscles to tighten and help you to get thinner. If you want to look thin and have toned stomach muscles, then core exercises are a real must.

Muscle Balance

Many people, men in particular, are obsessed with bulking up muscles that are most noticeable. This will mean that they concentrate on bench presses, and weights to target these muscles. This can leave your muscles out of proportion and unless you strengthen your core you will probably suffer from a poor posture and back pain. The 30-day core challenge will help to balance up all your muscles and make you more comfortable.

Better Workouts

Whether you are playing sports, or exercising at the gym, you will find that after the 30-day core challenge you can apply your force much better. When your core is strong, you will find it much easier to transfer the power to where you need it. Strong movements required for tennis and many other sports really need your core to be strong. These core exercises will make it possible for you to exert more force when playing certain types of sport.

No matter how big your muscles are, without a strong core you simply won’t be able to apply the force. All movements will originate or pass through the core muscles, and so these must be strong.

Minimizing Injuries

If your core is weak or out of balance then it can make it much easier for you to suffer from sporting injuries. A strong core will help to evenly distribute forces over your whole body which should make it much less likely you will suffer a painful injury.


The body uses the core muscles to balance the body. If the muscles are too weak or unbalanced then this can lead to problems balancing. This can make various everyday tasks more difficult such as walking or just picking things up from the floor. By strengthening the core muscles the weight will be more evenly distributed which will make balance easier.

How to do a Plank Exercise Pose

Getting Faster Results

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Think you’re up for the Core Challenge?

Good luck, and stay strong!

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